Thursday, October 28, 2010

Germany: Museum Exhibit and Foreign Ministry

Two very interesting reports came out of Germany over the last week or two. The first of which is the new exhibit at the German Historical Museum in Berlin about Hitler. The report has been in numerous places, this link being from, while someone else gave me an article from the New York Times, and I think I first read about it on The exhibit, which is only running until February, much to my chagrin because there is no possible way for me to go over by then, examines the conditions that enabled Hitler, rather than Hitler himself. As noted in the Time article, the exhibit looks at the German people and their desire for a savior to rescue them from the desperate economic conditions and the politically unstable environment that was the Weimar Republic at the time.These forces combined to convince people that Hitler was the right leader for the country and the only person who could pull them out of their doldrums.

The second interesting finding reported on was how the German Foreign Ministry, once thought to be resistant to the Nazi regime, was indeed working in collaboration with the regime. The article discusses how the Foreign Ministry was never fully investigated until 2005, when the process was put in place to look into what roll the institution played in the Holocaust. The findings show cooperation with the Nazi genocide throughout, with evidence that some 573 of the ministry's 700 top officials had ties to the Nazi party. The article closes out by stating that Germany may make the final report, over 800 pages, required reading by all incoming German diplomats. One has to wonder what other secrets have not yet been discovered throughout Germany's government institutions as relates to the Holocaust and the plans to overtake all of Europe 6+ decades ago.

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