Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Escaping Auschwitz article

I read this article on the Huffington Post today. A compelling story about a Polish prisoner who is able to dress as a German, forge a pass and then walk right out of the camp. While I imagine the reason this story is being told is because it's the July 21th anniversary, but what I have trouble understanding is why is the story being told now, and not earlier? And how does a journalist come across a story like this? Do they put out an ad asking for someone to come forward with a compelling war story? Why now, why not 30 years ago?

Clearly, this story has movie written all over it. But I hope there is no movie, for it would certainly create all sorts of scenes that never happened and distort the truth. Similar to the movie Defiance, where for Hollywood purposes, Zwick took Nehama Tec's book and created scenes that never happened. One prime example is the fight between Tuvia and Zus. It didn't happen, but certain embellishments have to be added for dramatic affect. The problem with exaggerations in the context of the Holocaust is that it runs the risk of feeding the deniers, who will speak up and say "see, we told you this was all a big lie..." We can't have that. So as with all mass atrocities, everything has to be handled with care as relates to how the story is told. Lest we have this happen again.

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